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Trip Drip Zooters 5x 2.5g Disposables

Trip Drip Zooters 5x 2.5g Disposables

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Brand: Trip Drip

Experience unparalleled quality with the Trip Drip Zooters 5x Disposable. Each device is meticulously designed to deliver 2.5 grams of exceptional purity and potency. Engineered for convenience, there disposables activate effortlessly with a simple inhale—no buttons required. For added ease, each device supports USB-C charging, ensuring quick and efficient power replenishment.

There exclusive formulation combines THCA and THCP to offer a potent and invigorating experience with every use. The Trip Drip Zooters 5x Disposable elevates the vaping experience, allowing users to embark on a journey of profound satisfaction. This product promises not only potent effects but also extended sessions of enjoyment due to its generous capacity.

Choose Trip Drip Zooters for an ultimate vaping experience. Each hit from there devices delivers a robust and enduring sensation, setting a new standard for quality and enjoyment in the vaping community. Elevate your senses and embrace the superior performance of Trip Drip Zooters 5x Disposable.


• Capacity: 5G (5000mg)

• Battery Capacity: Integrated Rechargeable

• Cannabinoid: THC-A Blend

• Clear Window for Oil Level

• Button-activated

• Preheat Function

• < 0.3% Delta-9 THC

• No Fillers

• 3rd Party Lab Tested

• Charging: Type-C Port (Cable not Included)


Blueberry Blast (Sativa): Experience an energizing surge with Blueberry Blast. This sativa strain delivers a burst of berry flavors coupled with an invigorating high, ideal for maintaining productivity and focus throughout your day.

Bubblegum Gelato (Indica): Savor the sweet, creamy notes of Bubblegum Gelato. As an indica strain, it provides a relaxing and euphoric effect, perfect for moments of self-care and indulgence.

Fruit Punch (Sativa): Refresh and revive with the sweet and tangy essence of Fruit Punch. This balanced sativa strain is suitable for any time, offering a harmonious high that enhances well-being.

Purple Punch (Indica): Delight in the lush, fruity flavors of Purple Punch. This indica strain offers a calming and sedating experience, making it the ideal choice for unwinding after a taxing day.

Peach Rings: Dive into the exuberant, sweet, and juicy world of Peach Rings. This strain lifts spirits with its uplifting and euphoric high, designed to brighten your mood and enhance your day.

Electric Green Apple (Hybrid): Energize yourself with Electric Green Apple. This hybrid strain merges motivation with upliftment, perfect for powering through tasks and creative endeavors.


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Dale Yarbrough
Trip Drip Zooters

Fair to good probably will purchase again