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Raw Classic Cone King Size 3-Pack

Raw Classic Cone King Size 3-Pack

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Category: Cones, Raw, Roll Up,
Brand: RAW

RAW Cones frequently experience stock shortages due to their unique production process. Unlike other brands that use Ethyl Vinyl Acetate—a chemical glue that dries nearly instantaneously—RAW opts for a water-based gum. This eco-friendlier choice requires that the cones dry for 24 hours post-rolling before they can be packed and stacked, significantly slowing down the production pace. Consequently, while other brands may produce their products more quickly and at a lower cost, RAW prioritizes environmental and product quality considerations.


  • King Size
  • Cones Per Pack: 3
  • 100% Natural, Vegan Friendly
  • Run-Preventing Watermark
  • Raw Perfecto Tips
  • Packing Tool Included


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