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Cake HXC Disposable 2G

Cake HXC Disposable 2G

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Brand: Cake

Cake, a frontrunner in the hemp-derived cannabinoid industry, has once again set the standard with their exceptional Live Resin HXC 2 gram disposables. These disposables feature distinct terpene profiles, each offering a unique flavor that appeals to a broad range of users. Opting for live resin in their HHC products, Cake enhances the richness of the flavor profiles and boosts potency. The live resin production starts at the moment of harvest, where the entire plant is immediately flash-frozen. This crucial step locks in the plant's freshness and preserves all minor cannabinoids, ensuring a superior product experience.


• 2G (2000mg)
• Rechargeable Type-C Port
• Concentrate Live Resin
• Draw-Activated


• Rainbow Glue
• Pineapple Express
• Kush Mints
• Blue Dream
• Blackberry Kush
• Blood Orange
• Black Sherbert
• Banana RNTZ
• Animal Cookies
• Strawberry Sour Disel
• Outer Space Sauce

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