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King Palm is a leading brand in the natural leaf wraps market. Explore Bertha's collection of King Palm products, including wraps, cones, and more. Bertha's has conveniently placed King Palm's products on display, so you can quickly and efficiently find all that you need to make your shopping easier!

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What is King Palm?

King Palm is renowned for its premium, all-natural pre-rolled cones made from palm leaves. These slow-burning, tobacco-free wraps are designed to enhance the smoking experience with a smooth, even burn. King Palm products are hand-rolled and free from additives, providing a pure and organic alternative for discerning smokers. Their innovative design, including a corn husk filter, ensures a clean and enjoyable smoke, making King Palm a popular choice among enthusiasts seeking quality and naturalness.

Flavor Variety

King Palm offers a diverse range of flavors designed to elevate the smoking experience with a variety of aromatic and fruity notes. Their flavor collection includes popular choices like Mango Tango, offering a sweet and tropical twist, and Banana Cream, which provides a smooth, creamy essence. For those who prefer a refreshing touch, the Watermelon Wave and Pine Drip flavors deliver crisp, juicy undertones. King Palm also features the Berry Terps, with its rich, berry-infused profile, and the Magic Mint, perfect for a cool and invigorating smoke. Each flavor is crafted to provide a unique and enjoyable experience, catering to a wide array of taste preferences.


They a varity of sizes so every smoke session can fit everyone. Whether you like a classic or a fatty King Palm can take care of all your smoking needs.