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Delta 11 THC 101

Delta 11 THC, delta 11 tetrahydrocannabinol is synthesized from Delta 8 THC which has been synthesized from CBD. This results in a compound that is similar to Delta 9 but has a slight modification in its chemical structure. In other words, it's the same but different because of the process it undergoes. This leaves us with a cannabinoid that is naturally occurring in Hemp, but is amplafied through this process.

Is Delta 11 THC Strong?

On its own, Delta 11 is not as strong as Delta 9 THC. However, it's added to some products in order to produce an Entourage Effect. This is the process when 2 or 3 cannabinoids are mixed together in order to produce a unique experience.

The Benefits of Delta 11 THC

Some of the benefits of Delta 11 THC includes a mellow experience that can result in less side effects. It's often added to balance out the cannabinoids and gives user a chill time. Also, the popularity of lesser known cannabinoids in products as caused it to become more affordable; whereas new and unique cannabinoids tend to be a lot pricier.

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